Billmeyer family data

Andrew Billmeyer (or Bilmier or Billmyer) was an early settler in the area that is now Montour and Columbia counties in central Pennsylvania.

He was born in 1756 (believed to be of Lancaster, a son of Johann Leonhardt and Anna Bihlmeier, brother of Martin Billmire who died in Maryland), died Feb. 2, 1825, and is buried at the family CEMETERY in Liberty Twp., Montour county.

He married Veronica "Fanny" Shellenburger Bruner (1757-1823)

Their children* were Andrew, Jr., George (1779-1853), Martin (1777-1855), Margaret (1798-1842) wife of Benjamin Knauss, Mary, and another daughter who married a Mr. Kelly.

Martin, b. 8/9/1777, d. 12/6/1855, married Margaret Himmelreich (or Himelrich), b. 12/12/1790, d. 3/4/1870. They raised 11 children* (Jacob, Mary Margaret, Catharine, John, Daniel, Peter, Sarah, Martin, Fanny, Andrew Jackson, and Harriet).

Catharine (1813-?) married Isaac Blue, and they had at least one child, Samuel, who married Abbie Hulligan.

Jacob lived 1809-1881 and married Eliza Hower (1813-1873). They raised 7 children* (Alexander, Henry, Sarah, Mary, Margaret, J. Hower, and Daniel).

Alexander (1/7/1841-5/24/1924) married Angeline Blue (10/2/1845-2/24/1916), daughter of Daniel Blue, and they raised 3 children (Alice, Harry, and Mary).

Sarah (7/26/1844-5/14/1914) married Martin B. Blue (2/15/1838-6/11/1899) and raised 5 children* in Montour county, PA (George Washington, Daniel F., Mary Ella, Charles B., and Angeline).

*I have more information on all children - please contact me if interested in learning more.

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