John (or Jan) Blaw (? - d. 1757 in NJ) married Margaret ? and their children were Frederick, Antje (m. Ouke), Janetje (m. Doxey), Peter, Aeltie, John, Michael, and Dina.

John's son, Frederick Blaw (? - d. 1793 in NJ), married (1) Mary and had 9 children: Prudence (m. Barkeloo), Margaret (m. her cousin, William Blew), Frederick, Abraham, John, Mary (m. Voorhees), Ezekiel, Richard, and Sarah (m. McHeal). He married (2) Elizabeth McNeal, and (3) Jane Nevius in 1751, and with Jane had 4 more children: Peter, Isaac (1758-1833), Elizabeth (m. Voorhees), and David (b. 1761). These 4 children all went by the name Blue instead of Blaw. Frederick, Mary and Jane are all buried in the Nevius family cemetary in Montgomery Twp., Somerset County, New Jersey.

Peter Blue was born 1752 in New Jersey and died March 19, 1826 in Pennsylvania. He married Mary Montgomery, and they had the following 10 children: Ezekiel (1783-1846), Samuel, Gilbert (1786-1866), John (1788-1861), Rebecca (1790-1835, m. James Fletcher), Mary M. (1794-1836, m. Boudeman), Peter (1796-1867), Aaron (1798-1885) & Ruben (1798-1844) (twins), and David (1803-1877) who married Elizabeth Gray.

Samuel Blue (1785-1813), early settler of Liberty Twp, was married to Charlotte Gray or Grey (1790-1850), daughter of Robert and Mary Reese Grey of England. Samuel participated in the War of 1812 and died at Black Rock. His widow later remarried a man named Bondeman (or Boudeman). Samuel's children were Frederick, Daniel (b. 1808, who married a Priscilla), Isaac@ (1809-1885, who married Catherine Billmeyer), Eleanor (1810-1878) who married William Fisher, and Elizabeth who married Bertram Galbraith.

Daniel's daughter, Angeline, married Alexander Billmeyer and they had 3 children (Alice, Harry, and Mary).

Frederick Blue was born in 1806 in Montour county, married Elizabeth Himulrich/Himmelreich (b. June 6, 1808 d. Feb 17, 1863), had 4 children, and died Feb 24, 1870. He had served as county treasurer and sheriff. He and his wife are buried in the Billmeyer family cemetary. The children were: Samuel, Martin, George, and William.

Samuel (1832-1893) married (1) Elizabeth Wolf, daughter of John and Elizabeth Wolf, on 2/2/1860. She died March 14, 1862 at the age of 27 yr., 11 mo., 24 d., leaving 1 child, Charles W., born March 29, 1861. Samuel remarried to (2) Miss Clarinda Murray (1837-1927) on Dec 21, 1865 and they had the following children: Carrie May, Wilfred Murray (1868-1892), Frank Howard (1870-1895), George Herbert (1872-1902), Edgar, and Jennie Belle (1880-1943). The family belonged to the Presbyterian Church, most were buried in Harmony cemetary, Milton, and Samuel served as treasurer of Montour county.

George Blue (1844-1877) married Elizabeth ?, and had 3 children who died in youth. All are buried in the Billmeyer family cemetary.

William Blue died unmarried and was buried in the Billmeyer family cemetary.

Martin Blue, b. February 15, 1838, d. June 11, 1899# in Liberty Twp., Montour county, was buried in the Chillisquaque Church cemetary, Montour County. Martin married Sarah Billmeyer, (b. July 26, 1844, d. May 14, 1914)#, on January 17, 1864. Sarah was the daughter of a successful farmer whose family had been one of the first families in Columbia (later Montour) county, a family of teachers and civil servants. When she died, her sons had both her body and that of Martin buried in Odd Fellows' Cemetary in Danville, Montour county.

Their children* are George Washington Blue (born Nov 26, 1867) who married Clara Savidge and had 4 children*, Daniel F. (born May 31, 1870) who married Bertha M. Robbins and had 6 children*, Mary Ella (born 1875, died 1951), Charles B. (born Jan 17, 1881) who married Jeanette M. Beaver and had 3 children*, and Angeline "Linie" (born Oct 29, 1885) who married Hunter W. Phillips and moved to Paradise Valley.

-Mary Ella married Charles David Golder (1879-1962)#, and they had 5 children. I have the Mary Ella Blue Golder family Bible, with births, deaths and marriages of her parents, brothers and sister listed, in addition to her marriage, and births of her children.

# - Family Bible of Charles D. and Mary E. Blue Golder. See Marriage Certificate page, Births, Deaths, Marriages

@ - Family information for Isaac, his son Samuel, and so on, listed in Floyd's Northumberland County Genealogy

*I have more information on all children - please contact me if interested in learning more.

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