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Golders in Pennsylvania (1800's to present)


Abraham Golder (1757-abt 1851) moved his wife, Mary Coleman, and young family from Salem County, New Jersey to central PA (Sugarloaf Twp., Columbia County) between 1803 and 18061. They had 5 children* while living in New Jersey, and 3 more* while living in Pennsylvania (Deborah, John d.1876 in OH, David, Abraham II, Jacob, Mary "Polly", Peter, and Elizabeth). In his 70's or 80's, Abraham and about half of his children moved to Mercer County, Ohio, to claim land granted to veterans of the War of 1812, while the rest of the family stayed in central PA1.

-Abraham's third child, David (1796-1880) lived his life in Columbia County, married Charlotte Charity Hess, and raised 9 children* (Sarah, Mary, Benjamin, Henry, Hattie, Elias, Uriah, Harriet, Polly and Sabinas who died as an infant).

Henry Golder (cir.1830 to Aug 23, 1907) was a Civil War veteran who served with Co. B of the 103rd Regiment of the PA infantry 2. He married Sarah Remley, settled in Sugarloaf Twp., Columbia County, and raised 6 children* (John Wesley, Thomas Howard, Rossana "Rose", George Washington, Mary Elizabeth "Libby", and Harry).

-John Wesley (1852-?) married Christianna Phile (1854-1941), daughter of Lewis Phile, who spoke only German at their marriage3

-Thomas Howard (b. July 9, 1854) married and had 2 daughters (Louisa and Marguerite)

-Rose married a Charles Keefer and relocated to Dubois, PA*

-George Washington (Sept 30, 1858-May 10, 1945) married Eliza Josephine Edkins and had Nora, Rosa, Charles, George A., Sophia, Stella, Howard, Harry, and Carl

-Harry, a noted area musician, (Oct 1, 1871 to May 10, 1903) committed suicide at age 31 after learning he had a life threatening illness

John Wesley and Annie had 3 children*, but John headed for California in the 1880's to make their fortune and never returned. Annie raised Charles David (see below), Raymond Lewis (see below), and Maude Elizabeth, and had two more daughters, Mary Ida and Daisy Viola.

-Charles David (Oct 30, 1874-Jan 20, 1962) married Mary Ella Blue (June 19, 1875-July 18, 1952) on Feb 21, 1895 and raised 6 children* (Pearl, Margaret, Martin, Sarah, Doris, and George)4.

#Martin Blue Golder (June 29, 1900-March 24, 1977) married Helen N. Reeder (Sep 1, 1900-Aug 17, 1973) and raised 10 children.*

#George Irvin Golder (1921-1991) married Helen Elizabeth Barber (1923-1983) on Sept. 5, 1943. They lived in Northumberland and Union counties and raised 5 children*

-Raymond Lewis (Jan 15, 1877-May 14, 1950) married Daisy Belle Boyer (May 11, 1878-Nov 6, 1946) and raised 6 children* (Elmer, Olive, Anna, Maude, Stewart, and Betty).

*I have more information on all children - please contact me if interested in learning more.

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