Jows family genealogical data

John Joe/Jows (Jous and Jost in 1800 Lancaster County census) b. (about) 4/5/1805 married Catharine Beck b. 5/6/1808, both born in Lancaster County, PA. Moved to White Deer area of Northumberland County (now Union County). They had 7 children.

John Jows, Sr. (7/4/1838-3/13/1904) of White Deer, Union county, PA married Hetty Lahr (8/31/1836-1/31/1904) of the same area. They raised 7 children* (John Williams Jows, Jr., Levi F., T. Howard, Susannah Louisa (2nd wife of Adam Yocum), a daughter (wife of John Clouser of New Columbia), Ella (wife of Harry Guyer or Geyer of Mifflinburg), and a daughter (wife of G. O. Moyer).

John, Jr., (11/17/1868-5/3/1952) of Buffalo Twp., Union county, PA, married Sarah Elizabeth Groover (4/12/1864-5/9/1951) on Nov. 23, 1890 in West Milton (at White Deer Lutheran Church), and raised 6 children* (George Casper, Roy William, Russell Thomas, Morris Frances, Foster Adam, and Catharine Louisa). Only George and Catharine lived to bear children (Roy died unmarried at age 52, Morris drowned in the Susquehanna River at age 13).

George Casper (9/5/1891-2/5/1966) married Nelle Prowant (1895-1938) and had 3 children* (only Betty lived past 4 days).

Catharine Louisa (10/10/1901-9/7/1972) married LaVere Oran Barber (12/14/1898-4/4/1949) and raised 2 children* (Helen and Neil).

Levi F. married Lavina Ranck on Feb. 5, 1887.

T. Howard (1874-1948) married first a Nettie M. (1874-1924), then Mabel Fredericks (1885-1974).

*I have more information on all children - please contact me if interested in learning more.

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